Innovate, Integrate, Elevate:

Your Digital Asset Journey Reimagined

At Nomyx, we integrate blockchain, IoT, and AI to empower enterprises in their digital transformation, fostering innovation and financial inclusion. We offer seamless tokenization solutions, transforming traditional assets into secure and transparent digital tokens. Our commitment is to amplify growth, optimize asset management, and pioneer a sustainable, inclusive, and technologically advanced financial landscape.

Our Story

Born at the crossroads of a rapidly evolving digital landscape, Nomyx emerged from a fusion of passion for blockchain technology and a vision to redefine financial opportunities in a changing world.

Our journey began with a shared enthusiasm for the transformative power of blockchain, a technology poised to revolutionize the world by instilling transparency, efficiency, and trust— the three foundational principles of blockchain.

Nomyx was conceived with a mission to democratize financial opportunities, to empower every individual to forge new pathways in financial growth. Our team, a collective of innovators and visionaries, is driven by a relentless pursuit to revolutionize financial markets through the integration of blockchain technology. We embrace the philosophy of empowerment, aspiring to illuminate a brighter, more inclusive future for entrepreneurs and individuals from all walks of life.

Our commitment to integrating emerging technologies, including IoT and AI, reflects our dedication to pioneering advanced, secure, and transparent financial solutions. At Nomyx, we are not just witnessing the future; we are shaping it, fostering a world where technology and opportunity intersect to create boundless possibilities.

Meet The Team

Ubair Javaid


Sebastian Schepis


Shaun Kimball

Strategic Partnerships/Co-founder

Ryan S. Coles